About Us

1. Want to know that you’re buying the right car, worth the asking price?
2. Concerned that lack of expert knowledge could saddle you with an overpriced, poor car, and big repair bills?
3. Not sure you can trust the dealer who stands to make thousands from the car he’s trying to sell to you?
4. Want an inspector who knows the car inside out, not just a generalist who rarely sees a premium or exotic car like a Mercedes Benz?
5. Need someone to check over a car that’s located 100’s of miles away?
6. Worried about a car you have already purchased?

Operating UK-wide, "Letmefinduacar" provides a valuable search service for that car be it vintage or classic car you are looking for.

With extensive experience within the major UK classic car market and 40yrs + in the Motor Trade as a whole and with the help of several experienced colleagues I am here to provide you with professional qualified advice.

With ever-changing markets, it is important that values are correct and up-to-date. My valuations will accepted by insurance companies, investment firms, museums, the police, courts, solicitors, car clubs and of course, private collectors and investors. I have extensive valuation resources at my disposal.

To compliment my vehicle valuation services I can also offer experienced advice on buying or selling a classic car, be it privately, from a specialist dealer or at auction.

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