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For Sale

The majority of cars you see in our "For Sale" section are owned by individuals here in the UK or sometimes Europe. They have asked us to list their cars for them and handle enquiries. We do not stock cars so we are not trying to sell you one from a limited dealer inventory that we own. We don't tie up money in inventory and can consequently take a smaller profit on cars we locate. The benefit to our customers is a better deal on the classic car that they really want.

Most dealers purchase a classic car and pay to have it shipped to their location. That cost is built into their price (an extra £400-£1,000). Typically the customer would pay for shipping a second time when it is transported from the dealer to your location.

With our service, you save additional money because you don't pay to ship a car twice. We ship it directly from the seller to you via a licensed and insured auto transporter.

How do we do business?

From the customer's perspective, doing business with us is simple...

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1998 Mercedes Benz SL320

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