Restoration and repair issues: Most restoration shops and repair facilities are honest, but there are some that are not.

Due to the nature of the business it is common to find yourself entering into an agreement whereby a restoration company agrees to restore your car and you agree to pay as invoiced. Although it is not easy to provide an estimate for restorations you do want to be in the knowledge they will do a First Class job and at an agreed labour rate.

But what happens when you discover that your beloved vintage, classic vehicle has been sitting in a corner for months, or even years with little or no work accomplished, while you diligently paid invoices? What do you do when you find that the workmanship is not to the standards that you expected, or not even up to minimum industry standards? Finally, what happens when you discover that the completion of the restoration is going to cost two or three times the amount that you were quoted?

These problems and others that are similar are very common. And the help of an expert witness that is familiar with industry standards will prove valuable when it comes to choosing the right garage, body-shop to work on your vehicle. We have a list of recommended repairers we know we can trust.

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