When purchasing a classic car the only true way to properly appraise and value any item is to see it at first hand. This is particularly important when proper documentation is required, such as for agreed value insurance, for investment, for sale or purchase and particularly for any legal reasons including divorce or any dispute.

We are prepared to travel for our clients subject to agreement regarding travel expenses and finder fee(s) to carry out appraisals, but you may also arrange to have your vehicle inspected by appointment at a place agreed by both parties. Not only do we inspect each vehicle at first hand, but we will research the current, and if required, historic global market for it, providing market comparisons and historical data where necessary. Each of these market appraisals is produced as a detailed and fully illustrated, bound report. It also provides an important record of the vehicle at the time of inspection.

Contact us so we may discuss your requirements. Our fees will be based on the purchase price of the vehicle.

Type of Appraisal.

We offer cash value appraisals “Letmefinduacar” will research and advise on value at the time of inspection.

Fair market value appraisal.

The most common appraisal we provide are based on current market values these are also known as Fair Market Value appraisals and sometimes referred to as replacement cost Appraisals for Insurance purposes.

These types of appraisals are self-explanatory. With a classic vehicle, the purpose is to accurately document every facet of the vehicle. This means deciphering, documenting, and photographing; it means providing VIN numbers, production codes, production numbers, model codes, paint codes, engine numbers and all other supporting documentation. We must establish an overall condition and check for originality. Our job is also to confirm and record the known history via DVLA in the UK, prior owners, and notoriety of that vehicle. All this is essential in order to accurately establish the true value of such a vehicle.

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